SK7300 - Ultra Low Power PS/2 and Serial Joystick/ErgoTrac Mouse Encoder


The SK7300 joystick mouse encoder is an easy-touse single chip encoder that interfaces any analog joystick sensors such as CTS 252 and 254 series, and Fujitsu FID-828 ErgoTrac Hall-effect sensors. Equipped with an advanced motion algorithm, the SK7300 offers low power consumption in small footprint package. The device can be linked through either the serial or PS/2 type mouse port of the host system.

The SK7300 is compatible with the IBM and Microsoft two-button and the Logitech three-button mouse protocols. The IC also supports Sprintek extended mouse protocols to allow the host to control the motion parameters and other parameters. Communication through the serial port is half-duplex at a fixed speed of 1200 Baud. PS/2 communication is bidirectional at 10 Kbps.

The SK7300 implements all commands to and from the host system, as defined in the IBM PS/2 mouse communication protocol and extended Sprintek SK7300 mouse protocol defined in this document. Typically, consuming 50uA in idle state, the SK7300 is ideal for battery-operated systems.


  • Work with any analog Joystick sensors such as CTS 252 and 254 series
  • Work with Fujitsu FID-828 ErgoTrac Hall-effect sensors
  • Configurable PS/2 and RS-232 interface
  • Built-in oscillator, analog and digital circuit
  • Advanced motion control algorithm
  • Resistor-adjustable motion speed
  • Built-in EEPROM to store control parameters and 128 bytes for the host usage
  • Compatible with the IBM and Microsoft two-button and the Logitech three-button mouse protocols
  • Works with standard Windows® mouse drivers
  • Small SSOP 20 pin package: 7.8x7.2mm 2.0 Max (LxWxH)
  • Ultra low power consumption. 50uA(idle), 360uA(operation) for 10k analog joystick sensor under 3.3V; 110uA (idle), 1mA (operation) for FID-828 sensor under 5V
  • 2.2V to 5.5V operating voltage
  • Industry temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • QFN package and Extended temperature range (-40°C to +125°C) versions are available upon request

Typical Applications

  • Industrial keyboards
  • Industrial panels
  • Instrumentation
SK7300 CTS254 Joystick R202 Joystick FID-828 ErgoTrac Hall-effect Sensor

Technical Documents

DS0007 - SK7300 Datasheet

Support Software