Sprintek Corporation is a supplier of high-quality microcontroller based semiconductor products and services in computer perapherals, medical devices and industrial applications. The company is dedicated to providing customers with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology.

In 2007, the company has successfully developed FlexPoint™pointing stick controller SK7100, a cost effective, low profile, ultra low power and highly integrated IC for laptop computers and handheld computers. Deploying the company proprietary pointing stick technology, the company is broadening the pointing stick controller family to satisfy with more customers. The company also develops off-shelf keyboard controllers for industrial customers and laptop/netbook OEM customers. The FlexMatrix™ keyboard controller family boosts the keyboard controller market into a new era.

Several talent engineers with more than 15 years design experience in microcontroller based applications came together and formed the company in 2006. We strongly believe that we can provide flexiable, high quality HID products and other products, and services to the world with ensured services.

From the president to our newest team members, our goals are the same: to provide you with the detail cared products and services just like a part of your business and support you need to effectively compete in today's competitive market.

All of us at Sprintek look forward to serving you now and for years to come!

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