2022-8-26 - Cost-effective, space-saving FlexPoint™ PS/2 pointing stick mouse module SK8707-06 (Detached Design) and SK8707-51 (Integrated Design) deploying a Sprintek patented advanced pointing stick controller. Detail

2021-9-8 - Multiple series of new replacement of laptop keyboards for Thinkpad, HP, Dell and etc. are avaliable from Sprintek. We are the best vendor for repair/refurbish centers.Detail

2021-7-30 - FlexMatrix™ Programmer v1.45 adds a command line method to update matrix data and codes; it is convenient for users to integrate functions into production line test systems and final products.Detail

2020-08-15 - New product release SK5212 (low speed USB), SK5222 (HID over I2C), SK5223 (SMBus or I2C) QFN46/LQFP48 FlexMatrix Keyboard Encoders with 8x20 keyboard scan, PWM backlight, upgradable bootloader. Detail

2019-07-19 - FlexMatrix Programmer v1.39 released with a new serial updater feature to support SK5221 and SK5220's matrix data and code update. Detail

2019-06-07 - FlexMatrix Programmer 1.37 released with a code upgrade feature. Detail

2019-05-08 - SK5210-supported FlexMatrix Editor v1.39 and Programmer v1.36 were released. Detail

2019-04-03 - Chinese version of web site was launched. DetailChinese Version Web Site

2018-08-25 - FlexMatrix command line programmer (CMLProgrammer) was released for production automation. Detail

2014-12-12 - Sprintek Developer Community site is online - Knowledge base, forum, ticket system at support.sprintek.com. Detail