Pointing Stick Mouse Encoder ICs

Sprintek supplies low cost, space-saving pointing stick mouse encoder ICs with rich features to meet the needs of laptop and portable device OEM.

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Sprintek owns the whole IP of our pointing stick products and can customize our products to your applications.

Pointing Stick Mouse Products

SK7102 Pointing Stick Mouse Encoder IC

SK7102 - FlexPoint™ PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Encoder

The SK7102 FlexPoint™ pointing stick mouse encoder is a cost-effective, space-saving and highly integrated IC that interfaces a force-stick sensor to PS/2 port.

Old Pointing Stick Parts

SK8702 PS/2 Pointing Stick Module

SK8702 - FlexPoint™ PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Module(obsolete)("Please contact Sprintek for substitute")

The SK8702 pointing stick module is a cost-effective, space-saving PS/2 mouse device deploying a Sprintek SK7102 pointing stick controller. Typically, consuming 650uA in idle state, the SK8702 is ideal for battery-operated systems.