Custom Silicone Keyboards

Custom Silicone Keyboards

Sprintek utilizes its FlexMatrix™ keyboard encoder ICs and smooth motion analog pointing stick modules technologies in custom silicone rubber keyboards. The years of experience lets us build the most robust and the most flexible industrial keyboards for our customers.

Custom Silicone Keyboards

Custom Membrane Switch Keyboards

Sprintek supplies low cost, high quality, waterproof off-shelf and custom membrane keyboards.

Custom keyboard IC

Custom HID Keyboard ICs

We have more than 20 years of development experience in HID product and design. We can quickly provide customized keyboard and mouse designs for sensors with USB, PS/2, serial, SPI and wireless interfaces.

Electrical hardware design

PCB and System Level Hardware Design

We can also fulfill design needs at PCB level, system levels, and production test fixtures.

MCU Design

Microcontroller Electrical and Firmware Design Service

We provide full design services from electronic cuicuit design and PCB layout to firmware and test software. Our talented engineers have experience in electronics circuit, firmware and software designs for such applications as medical instrument, industrial automation, IT business information system.

  • Microcontrollers: TI, NXP, ST ARM Cortex-M0, M3, M4 32-bit MCUs, TI MSP430 16-bit MCUs, Microchip PIC16, 18, 24, 32 MCUs, Cypress PSOC 8-bit, 8051 MCUs, Silicon Labs 8051 8-bit MCUs, Holtek MCUs, and Renesas MCUs.
  • Firmware Programming Tools: IAR, Keil, MPLAB C, XC, PSOC Designer (C, C++, Assembly).
  • Desktop Software Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio versions (C#, C++, VB), QT, Python, VBA, and Labview.
  • Communication Protocols: Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, UART, RS-485, CAN, Ethercat, PS/2 and etc.
  • Circuit Design Tools: ORCAD, Altium.
  • IC Design

    IC Design

    With more than 15 years experience, we deliver excellent IC / ASIC design services on analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuits, including IPs, or SOC solutions, for biomedical, measurement, instrumentation, automotive, and industrial applications. We can also provide design services for legacy or obsolete parts, to extend customer's critical needs beyond business boundary. Some of our typical designs are:

  • high resolution data converter
  • high speed data converter
  • CIS imaging sensor
  • sensor, MEMS interface
  • serdes transceiver, PLL, DLL, VCO, CDR
  • RF switches, LNA, mmic
  • Power management
  • ultra low-power designs
  • ESD, SI, PI