FlexMatrix Editor Logo

FlexMatrix Editor

Support all FlexMatrix keyboard encoders such as SK5210 /SK5100 / 5101 / 5102 / 5103 / 5120 / 5122 / 5126. Edit keyboard matrix data file.

FlexMatrix Programmer Logo

FlexMatrix Programmer

Support all FlexMatrix keyboard encoders such as SK5210/5220/5221 /SK5100 / 5101 / 5102 / 5103 / 5120 / 5122 / 5126. Download keyboard matrix data file. Both GUI and command line modes are supported. Built-in USB updater and serial updater functions support code upgrade and matrix data update.

FlexMatrix Tester Logo

FlexMatrix Tester

Support all Sprintek USB and PS/2 keyboard product test.

FlexMatrix Communicator Logo

FlexMatrix Communicator

Support all Sprintek keyboard encoders such as SK5102, SK5103 to demostrate USB controlled features

Pointing Stick Test Tools

Pointing Stick Test Tools

A set of tools to be used in production under DOS

  • AD reader - Read X, Y, Z AD value
  • PSCOM.exe - Send PS/2 command and receive response.
  • JOYTEST.exe - General Pointing Stick test program
Microsoft .Net Framework Logo

Microsoft .Net Framework

Most of Sprintek software tools are built on Microsoft .Net Framework platform. You may download and install .NET framework from Microsoft.com.

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